Emailing a college coach is an important part of a proactive recruiting plan but how do you do it in a way that gets you responses?

Over the last 15 years, our athletes have been proactive on the recruiting process with these proven email scripts that not only get opened but they get ANSWERED

Finally, we are sharing these with you so that you too can open up dialog and get opportunities to be part of a college baseball team!

Myths About The Recruiting Process

If you are good enough, they will find you.

While this is somewhat true, coaches have more access to players than ever before and have plenty of resources to find players good enough for their program.

It will be the ones that have been proactive in establishing a relationship with them that will stand out

College coaches will contact you

In some cases this is true. In most, it is not. College coaches wear many hats in their programs.

While there is a slight chance they might have identified you as a potential prospect at an unnamed showcase, it it highly doubtful.
Being proactive in your communication with a coach puts you squarely on their radar early

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