13 weeks of throwing program for pitchers and position players designed to:

  • Build healthy arm care habits
  • Increase Arm Strength
  • Build Athleticism

Programs come with:

  • Downloadable/Printable Manual
  • Full Exercise/Drill Library
  • Slack Communication Channel

Hi, I’m Chad

I am a skill acquisition and player development trainer, and I am developer of these 2 throwing programs.

After a short professional playing career, I coached high school baseball for 5 years. Ultimately, I found too many roadblocks and red tape that slowed down the progress of doing what was in the best interest of the player so I set out on my own.

If you are a player, parent of a player, or coach of players these throwing programs will help you build arm strength and athleticism better than you ever have before

I have trained hundered of players of all ages for the last 10+ years and I can't wait to help you get started chasing your potential!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these programs intended for?

Foundations of throwing is intended for any male or female athlete of adolescent (13 and Up) age

Advanced throwing is for male or female athletes that have reached physical maturity (ages 16 and up)

Is this a throwing mechanics course?

No. While this course has some helpful tips, it's not intended to teach you proper throwing mechanics.

This program is intended for athletes to self organize into an efficient throwing motion based on their strength and movement profiles.